ART WITH LOVE (AWL) is an art creative agency that connects top international artist resources to provide integrated art services that drive up the cultural and commercial value of art. Its innovative strategy and approach brings art to a broader audience with accessible and investible artworks.

Based in Singapore and New York, with offices globally, AWL bridges the art and cultural communities between the East and West, filling the gap of global art presentation in the Asian market.

The team aims to connect artists, artworks, art exhibitions and art technology, and to explore and innovate the commercial value of contemporary art. Provide audience-oriented resource integration solutions for art, and use “art+” as business empowerment.

The business realizes a full-link closed loop, covering product design and production, art exhibition planning and implementation, brand communication and cutting-edge technology applications. Art resources include the world’s top artists and well-known contemporary art galleries, and establish an authoritative mainstream media communication matrix at home and abroad.


  • 01 Accessible Exhibition Curation
  • 02Edition Art Merchandise
  • 03Commercial Partnership
  • 04Multi-Channel Resource Integration
  • 05Creative Strategy Design

Founder: Michelle Yu

Michelle Yu is an art entrepreneur, collector, philanthropist and art auction veteran. Based in New York and Singapore, she’s the founder and CEO of Art With Love.

Previously, Michelle worked at Christie’s New York, a leading global auction house, and also founded her own gallery space, BiggerCode Gallery in New York City. She is also in several advisory positions in various sectors of the art industry, including museum, gallery and art advisory. Michelle graduated from INSEAD with a MBA degree, and Sotheby’s Institute of Art with a Master’s degree in Art Business.

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