Offering equal opportunities in education to underserved communities.

non-profit partners

design competitions

Jordan Wings exists to level the playing field when it comes to education, offering opportunities to the underserved. We launched Jordan Wings in Europe when it mattered most - during the COVID year. We first set up some research to really understand the education system, its limits and the needs from underserved communities when it came to realising a successful professional career.

We then identified and partnered with 3 non-profits each offering free education in the fields of design, image, and soft skills. We fueled their mission through grants and invited their students to our brand ecosystem, giving them the chance to put their skills to practice on our marketing projects, as well as connecting them with our employees and creating internship opportunities.

We also launched a yearly design competition with fashion free school Casa93 giving students the chance to create their own Jordan capsule collection and develop the marketing campaign to launch it.

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