Game On Global Tour by Edgar Plans: Singapore

25 May to 16 July 2023
24 May Invitation Only Preview
Weekly Basketball Competition on Saturday 3-6pm
Funan, 109 North Bridge Rd, Singapore 179097
L1 Centerstage Court, Outdoor Display, #0104 Vintage Immersive Room, BLAXK Gallery #0103, B2 Link
Singapore exclusive launch collectibles available at BLAXK by ActionCity   (#0103)
Organised & Curated by: Art with Love in partnership with BLAXK by ActionCity
Co-organised by: Coexist and MishaMade
Supported by: CapitaLand Investment Limited, Singapore Tourism Board


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Edgar Plans is a Spanish postwar and contemporary artist that lives in Gijón, Spain whose works have been featured across the world in notable galleries such as the Almine Rech in Brussels, Shanghai, and Paris, the Moscow Museum of Modern Art, the WOAW Gallery in Hong Kong, and the Padre Gallery in New York. His work has also gone under the hammer at various notable auction houses, with his painting Colors being sold for approximately 700,000USD in 2022 at Christie’s Shanghai.
Plans conveys the innocence and hope of children through his raw and playful imagery, creating doodle-like visuals to paint a narrative and tackle grown up issues from a whimsical perspective. By using his expressive and eye-catching cartoon characters known as Animal Heroes set in contrast to urban backdrops using mixed media, Plans draws attention to social issues like racism and gender equality.


Edgar Plans was an avid basketball fan and had always dreamed of working in the NBA. After completing his degree in sports management, he landed a job as a junior executive at one of the league’s teams. While he enjoyed the work, he knew that he wanted to do more.
One day, while brainstorming ideas for a new project, Edgar hit upon an idea that he was sure would be a hit with fans of the NBA. He called it “Game On,” a series of interactive experiences that would allow fans to immerse themselves in the world of professional basketball.
Edgar’s vision was ambitious. He wanted to create a virtual reality experience that would transport fans to the sidelines of an NBA game, where they could watch their favorite players up close and personal. He also wanted to create a mobile app that would allow fans to track their favorite teams and players in real-time, providing them with statistics, highlights, and behind-the-scenes access.
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Game On is a cross-border integration of art, games, sports and music, creating a field where contemporary culture and young generations collide. Bridging the worlds of traditional art and entertainment, Plans’ cute style of art, which is humorous and whimsical, has a magical way of drawing people in. This exhibition was born out of a desire to bring collectible artworks by top international artists to people in Singapore and the region, fostering the growth and appreciation of contemporary art in a fun, accessible and relatable manner.
Stepping into a street basketball-inspired wonderland, visitors in Singapore can look forward to larger-than-life sculptures and Lil’ Heroes representing the NBA and NBA players across different eras.


Exclusive Singapore Launch
This series of collectibles are collected by top celebrities, traditional art collectors, street culture KOLs,  and art toy collectors. Previous collections were sold out within weeks after launching. 
For Singapore, Plans introduces an exclusive limited edition Michael Jordan-inspired collectible launching. Specially designed as a stand-out collectible within the Game On series paying tribute to the great basketball icon, this ‘Flyman 23’ sculpture by Plans is limited to only 400 pieces.
Beyond the highly-coveted Flyman 23 sculpture, other limited edition Game On merchandises by Plans will also be available at the exhibition, including accessories and apparels, as well as a specially designed Edgar Plans x Wilson basketball which incorporates the artist’s street graffiti style paintings and sketch lines! 


Internationally renowned for his “Animal Heroes” series, Plans draws his audience into a fantastical world filled with distinct, mouse-eared protagonists in irresistibly adorable costumes. With their disproportionately large heads and large expressive eyes, these heroes exude an air of whimsical exuberance and optimism in the face of problems.
Taking his Animal Heroes characters from the confines of a canvas to an augmented reality setting, and now art toys, Plans’ highly appealing Lil’ Heroes series of work has become incredibly popular in recent years, marking a rising trend among collectors. 
GAME ON series is the NBA inspired line within the Lil’Heroes series that are loved and collected by a wide range of collectors.


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